Our Research: Four Themes

Brain Research New Zealand focuses on four main themes: ageing and disease mechanisms, disease biomarkers, harnessing brain plasticity, and testing new therapies and lifestyle interventions, as well as public dissemination of new findings and information relating to brain health during ageing.




BRNZ bringS together multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary knowledge and a passion for visionary research and community engagement that will improve health outcomes for New Zealanders.
  • Neurodiscovery – Genes, cells & networks

    Understanding the mechanisms of brain ageing and associated neurological disorders to inform development of new preventative interventions, treatments and novel therapy delivery systems.

  • Neuroplasticity – Brain changes & adaptations

    One of our goals is to expand our understanding of neuroplasticity during ageing, and its application to rehabilitation therapies and/or technologies for those affected by ageing and neurological conditions.

  • Prevention, intervention & delivery

    Another of our goals is to develop and build capacity for community outreach throughout New Zealand. We are committed to promoting clinical evaluation and implementation of preventative measures and early interventions; in order to minimise functional decline associated with brain ageing and ageing-related neurological disorders.